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by Henrik Lange

You've spent years perfecting your blank stare whenever someone mentions Kerouac, Proust or Tolkien. Life of Pi sounds a bit like a reality show and 1984 conjures up nothing other than big hair and roller-skates.

90 Classic Books for People in a Hurry is the ultimate solution for those without the time or inclination to wade through Gulliver's Travels, Pride and Prejudice or The Great Gatsby. We give you A Clockwork Orange in a four-panel comic. We give you Death of a Salesman in five amusing sentences. We give you dinner party credibility quicker than you can say The Ingenious Hidalgo Don Quixote of La Mancha.

Cleverly illustrated by Henrik Lange, this book is an entertaining addition to any bookshelf, coffee table or nightstand. Read this, and the next time someone mentions Naked Lunch, you won't say, 'Yes please'.

Item Number: 9789185869299